Tips to keep your car cooler this summer
Posted on Apr 17, 2017

Use a sunshade or window visor
For all the times you can’t park in a shady area, sticking a sun shade to your windows is one of the most sure-fire ways to keep a fair bit of heat at bay. Remember to use a sunshade on your rear window as well, especially if you’re going to park it for over an hour. Also, use these visors only when parked as it is illegal to keep them while on the move.
Wrap the steering wheel with a handkerchief
Even after you’ve rolled down your windows and let the stifling air escape, often the steering wheel is just too hot to touch. Despite using window visors, it’s a good idea to wrap the steering wheel with a hand towel or handkerchief, especially around the points of contact. 
Keep your belongings in the glove box 
While this tip won’t make your car any cooler, it will definitely save you some cash. The strong, direct sunlight combined with a heated cabin can easily damage items such as MP3 players, CDs or your phone. If you choose to leave these things in your car, keep them either in the glove box or maybe even the boot – any area you’re sure won’t come into direct contact with sunlight. 
Toss a cotton bedsheet over your leather seats 
Seats with leather and art leather covers tend to get very hot when exposed to direct sunlight. Covering them with a cotton bedspread will definitely help keep their temperatures in check. Carrying a bedsheet around may get a bit cumbersome but if you have leather seats and don’t have a closed parking space, the pros of keeping one in the boot outweigh its inconvenience. 
Do you have any tips that make driving in summer pleasant? Discuss them here or head to the Autocar forums here.
Aditya Bengali
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