Top 10 fuel-efficient diesel cars in India
Posted on Jun 5, 2017
On World Environment Day, we bring you a list of top 10 cars with diesel engines that are refined, emit low CO2 and are fun to drive.
Top 10 fuel-efficient diesel cars in India

Today, on World Environment Day, we take a look at the top 10 diesel options out there that literally sip on their precious fossil fuel and are able to extract long driving distances.

Diesel, until the not so recent past, carried a reputation of being a 'dirty' fuel and was chastised to be used mainly for commercial transportation rather than personal. The modern diesel engine though has taken great strides from that point and today delivers a proposition that is very fuel efficient, emits low carbon dioxide (Nitrous oxides and Sulphates still require quite a bit of reduction though!), and is much more refined and fun to drive as well.

So, here's the top 10 list:

1. Maruti Dzire (Diesel) – 28.4kpl


The new Dzire is now the most fuel-efficient compact sedan out there. Maruti has tinkered with the engine to improve its fuel efficiency, making it an ideal combination of practicality, reliability and economy.

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2. Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) – 28.09 kpl


The Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) is a mild hybrid version of the diesel Ciaz and employs much subtle technology to improve on the non-SHVS Ciaz's fuel efficiency, which is still an appreciable 26.2kpl.

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3. Maruti Baleno – 27.39kpl



The Maruti Baleno (diesel) is the latest premium hatchback from India's largest carmaker. It is a great combination of style, a generous list of features as well as fuel efficiency.

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