Ford Figo Aspire vs Hyundai Xcent comparison
Posted on Aug 10, 2015 by Nikhil Bhatia
Read on to see how much bearing the X or rather Xcent factor has on the new Ford Figo Aspire’s chances of success.

To know how good the Ford Figo Aspire actually was, we had to see it in light of the segment benchmarks. In the petrol compact sedan space, that benchmark came from the smart Hyundai Xcent. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the Ford Figo Aspire’s first-ever comparison.

I’ll start with a word on design and styling. Well, those with an eye for proportion will find themselves drifting towards the Xcent. It’s got the more conventional three-box shape and there’s greater balance to the design on the whole. What’s more, the Xcent’s more defined boot section can also hold more luggage – 407 litres to the Figo Aspire’s 359 litres. Personally, though, I wish the Xcent had a more character-rich face; it looks a bit meek, and the appearance is not helped by the car’s relatively narrow body. The Figo Aspire, on the other hand, looks refreshingly different but not necessarily attention-grabbing. The Aston Martin-esque grille up front looks nice; the stubby boot not so much. Ford could have complemented the Figo’s long wheelbase (best-in-class, actually) with suitably large wheels; the 14-inchers appear small.

Still, the objective section of the comparison only begins when we make our way into these cars’ cabins. Points for the Hyundai first, whose cabin has always stood out and continues to do so for its good quality fit and finish. There’s a pleasing blend of colours in use here and even the dashboard is neat and logically laid out. You’ll also like the convenient positioning of the gear lever and the multitude of storage spaces scattered across the cabin. But the front seats are smaller and firmer than we’d like.

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