Top 10 fuel-efficient petrol cars in India
Posted on Jun 5, 2017
If petrol is your fuel of choice and fuel efficiency a priority, then these are the cars for you.
Top 10 fuel-efficient petrol cars in India

Many motorists favour petrol-driven cars over diesel since they are cheaper to buy, are quieter and are more refined. While around two years ago, the ratio of petrol cars sales vis-à-vis diesel was even, the rising uncertainty surrounding diesel has fuelled a shift in consumer preference to petrol. Besides, a higher tax on diesel cars vis-à-vis petrol is likely to accelerate the shift in the near term.

On World Environment Day, we get you a list of the 10 most fuel-efficient petrol cars in India.

However, note that the figures mentioned are each car's manufacturer-claimed fuel-efficiency data (as per ARAI testing conditions). The figures represent the fuel consumption a car could possibly achieve in perfect conditions, but are calculated in a laboratory and so don't reflect the conditions that our cars really endure on Indian roads. Hence, actual fuel efficiency figures might vary.

1. Datsun Redigo - 25.17kpl

The Datsun Redigo is a small 'tall boy' hatchback with a modern, urban design. It is not the most well-equipped or most spacious car, but with that low price tag, high fuel efficiency and a standout styling, it does have its plus points.

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1. Renault Kwid - 25.17kpl

It is a small hatchback with SUV-like styling. The top-spec variant comes with a touchscreen infotainment system. It also comes with a low price tag, and the 800cc engine allows you to run 25.17km on a litre of petrol.

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3. Maruti Alto 800 - 24.7kpl


The Alto 800 has been India's most popular small car for a while now. For its price, it is hard to beat, though the Kwid has been taking chunks out of its pie. However, it is still a great proposition, mainly because it is backed by Maruti's large service network.

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