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2017 Renault Lodgy Stepway review, test drive
Apr 20, 2017 by Akbar Merchant
2017 Renault Lodgy Stepway review, test drive
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What is it like to drive? 

We got to sample the top-spec Lodgy Stepway equipped with the 110hp motor around Mumbai. Being mechanically identical to the regular Lodgy, the Stepway drives the same. This means that the power delivery from the K9k motor is linear. There is turbo-lag, which gets annoying in slow city traffic. The Lodgy feels the best on open roads. The less powerful 85hp variant is more drivable in city traffic. I do remember the heavy clutch of our erstwhile long-term Lodgy, but to my surprise, the Stepway’s clutch was lighter which did help during bumper-to-bumper traffic. The ride quality, a Renault hallmark, is pliant and the suspension absorbs most bumps easily. 

Should I buy one? 

The Lodgy Stepway is Renault’s attempt to separate its private clientele from fleet buyers. It still looks very much a Lodgy, and may not still have the private car appeal of an Ertiga. But its beefed-up looks coupled with the new 16-inch alloys do give it a certain rugged-yet-classy appearance. Its solid mechanicals and a spacious cabin are a big plus over the Maruti MPV. It is very much a full-size MPV and at Rs 11.55 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), it won't break the bank like a Crysta. On the whole, if you find the Stepway even halfway appealing, go ahead and give it a serious look.

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